Member Benefits

As a member of the UC San Diego faculty with microbiome experience, you have the opportunity to join the Center. Please look at the table below for benefits and requirements.

Requirements & Benefits

Faculty participants will be featured on the website, and remain on the email list for microbiome-related funding RFPs (both industry and federal government); invited to meetings and events; may be featured in publicity about the microbiome initiative. Only faculty are eligible to apply.

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  Benefit Members Affiliates
Faculty Profiles Faculty profiles listed on CMI website
Seminars and Workshops Invitation to CMI-sponsored seminars and workshops
Internal Newsletter Find out about upcoming events, job postings, highlights and more from Center faculty via an internal newsletter
Research Project Support Secure and receive logistical support for cross-campus microbiome research projects in partnership with industry  
Priority Access Receive priority access to CMI Core Facilities, students, seed grants and other resources  
External Communications Leverage our communications team to receive broad exposure for microbiome-related work (possibilities include but are not limited to social media, press releases, local and national news media, digital and print media)  
Annual Meeting Invitation to the annual summit meeting  
Term 3-year membership term  
Publications Recent publications listed on CMI website  
  Requirement Members Affiliates
Faculty Profiles Provide regular updates to faculty profiles on the CMI website
Seminars and Workshops Attend CMI seminars as schedule permits, and encourage appropriate members of your labs to attend seminars
Collaborative Microbiome Research Conduct collaborative microbiome research with other faculty on campus  
Publications and Grants List CMI as an affiliation on publications, grants, posters and oral presentations  
Annual Meeting Attend the annual summit or send a lab member  
Approval of candidacy by CMI leadership committee Candidacy to be approved by committee (reviewed 2X/year)  

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